MMV 2006 - Rapperswil, Switzerland

September 13-17

Hosting Institution

University of Applied Sciences, Rapperswil/St. Gall
Prof. Dr. Dominik Siegrist


The first MMV conference was held in Vienna, Austria, in winter 2002 and the second in Rovaniemi, Finland, in spring 2004. MMV conferences are motivated by the growing concern that increasing recreational use of protected areas is approaching the limits of ecological and social carrying capacities in many parts of the world. The conferences in Vienna and Rovaniemi were great successes, and provided strong support for continuation in Switzerland. MMV-3 will help to meet the urgent need for scientists and managers to share current experiences and know-how for managing proteced areas.

Conference Topics

The overall purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for constructive discussions related to the following topics:

Keynote Speakers

International Steering Committee