MMV 2002 - Vienna, Austria

January 30 - February 02

Hosting Institution

Institute of Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning
BOKU University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Univ.Prof. Dr. DI. Andreas Muhar and Assoz. Prof. Dr. DI Arne Arnberger
Austria, 1190 Wien, Peter Jordan Str. 82

fon: ++43 - (0)1 - 47654 85300
fax: ++43 - (0)1 - 47654 85309

Conference Theme

Areas of high ecological value, i.e. parks and protected areas experience ever increasing pressures from recreation and tourism. In addition, new technologies make remote areas increasingly accessible. This leads to extensive ecological impacts, and to increasing conflicts between user groups. In order to manage protected areas within acceptable ecological and social carrying capacities, one needs to monitor visitor activities and behaviour, and deepen the understanding of expectations and motivations. A thorough exploration and discussion of efficient and cost-effective monitoring and recording methods, and associated analysis is necessary. This conference is a first step in this direction and is looking for contributions from practicioners and researchers alike.

Conference Topics

  • Conflicts between natural conservation and recreational goals as well as between different users
  • Carrying capacity research
  • Standards and norms

Monitoring methods
  • Presentation and discussion of various monitoring methods
  • advantages and disadvantages in recording of qualitative and quantitative data (long-term recording - optical sensors, video surveillance, personal interviews, mailback questionnaires etc.)
  • Managers` needs and expectations concerning monitoring practices, ethical aspects
  • Evaluation of management alternatives (choice modelling; decision analysis; GIS-applications)

Visitor flow modelling:
  • Models to describe and predict visitor flows and their spatio-temporal distribution, Models describing visitor numbers in dependence of external factors such as the weather etc..
  • GIS-applications

Practical applications:
  • Practical applications with examples
  • Experience and possible fields of applications for visitor management from a manager's point of view

Conference Workshops:
  • Visitor monitoring methods
  • Monitoring and modeling visitor flows in backcountry areas
  • Discussion of visitor monitoring standards
  • Research needs

Keynote Speakers

International Steering Committee