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Brandenburg, C.; Lexer, W.; Heckl, F.; Muhar, A.; Reimoser, F.; Zink, R.; Bartel, A., Nobody knows the trouble they cause? The behaviour of forest users and their knowledge about wildlife disturbance 2008 Management for Protection and Sustainable Development MMV 4 - Proceedings 343-343
Brandenburg, C.; Tomek, H.; Lexer, W.; Reimoser, F.; Heckl, F.; Muhar, A., Mountain bikers in forests and wildlife habitats 2010 Recreation, tourism and nature in a changing world MMV 5 - Proceedings 51-52
Brandenburg, Ch..; Kasper, A.; Preisel, F.; Hirnschall, B.; Gantner, Ch.; Czachs, Ch.; Schreiber, B.; Reimoser, F.; Lexer, W.; Heckl,F.; Ziener, k. Leisure activities – a red rag for wildlife management and nature conservation: an indicator- and spatial planning-based approach for identification of conflict areas 2014 The 7th International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas: Local Community and Outdoor Recreation MMV 7 - Proceedings 60-61
Lexer, W.; Brandenburg, C.; Heckl, F.; Muhar, A.; Reimoser, F.; Zink, R., Participatory Processes and Participatory Research – A Tool for Conflict Identification and Development of Management Decisions 2006 Exploring the Nature of Management MMV 3 - Proceedings 261-263