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Petrova, E.; Aoki, Y.; Mironov, Y.; Petrova, A.; Furuya, K.; Matsushima, H.; Takayama, N., Comparison of natural landscapes appreciation between Russia and Japan: methods of investigation 2008 Management for Protection and Sustainable Development MMV 4 - Proceedings 198-202
Takayama, N., Matsushima, H., Petrova, E., Ueda, H., Nakajima, T., Furuya, K., Aoki, Y., Differences in environmental attitudes between Russia and Japan 2012 The 6th International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas: Outdoor Recreation in Change – Current Knowledge and Future Challenges MMV 6 - Proceedings 404-405
Petrova, E., Historic Landscapes in Urban Regions: Recreation and Use Conflicts in Mikhalkovo, Moscow 2006 Exploring the Nature of Management MMV 3 - Proceedings 282-283
Petrova, E., Problems of Recreational Use of the World Natural Heritage Territories (Ubsunur Hollow Example) 2002 Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas MMV 1 - Proceedings 397-401
Ueda, H.; Nakajima, T.; Takayama, N.; Petrova, E.; Matsushima, H.; Furuya, K.; Aoki, Y., Ways of seeing the forest: landscape image sketches in Japan and Russia 2010 Recreation, tourism and nature in a changing world MMV 5 - Proceedings 141-143