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Author Chazee, L.; Requier-Desjardins, M.
Title Elaboration and implementation of a cultural services indicator of impacts in the Mediterranean: a first diagnosis Type
Year 2018 Publication Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas – ABSTRACT BOOK Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 9 - Proceedings Issue Pages 278-280
Keywords MMV9
Abstract (up) The purpose of this presentation is to develop on the original results that have been obtained, based on the first review of the available data for OZHM sites: 27 sites that have significantly contributed to this project will therefore be considered in this study. Specifically, 6 sites in the non-EU Balkans countries (Albania, Montenegro, and Serbia), 8 in the Maghreb (Algeria and Tunisia), 4 in the Middle-East (Lebanon and Jordan) and 9 in Europe (France, Slovenia, Croatia) are considered. The needed information is collected mainly from the 27 sites managers and a total of 3986 visitor questionnaires, with an average of 148 visitor questionnaires per site.
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