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Author (up) Radivojevic, G., Tesanovic, D., Banjac, M., Tomic, N.
Title Nature park ‘’sargan – Mokra gora’’ as a major hot spot for promoting Serbian gastronomy Type
Year 2016 Publication Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas – ABSTRACT BOOK Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 8 - Proceedings Issue Pages 501-502
Keywords MMV8
Abstract The goal of this paper is to determine the structure of the gastronomic offer in restaurants which are located in the area of Šargan-Mokra Gora Nature Park and to investigate which national dishes are included in the offer and promoted as representative dishes of Serbian gastronomy. The Nature Park is located between the Tara and Zlatibor Mountains in Western Serbia. When it comes to gastronomy, what makes it unique and diverse is its favorable geographical location. This area is well known for livestock farming which is the dominant economic activity in the area. Therefore, meat and other products of animal origin, accompanied by mountain cereal and fruit represent basic ingredients used by local people for preparing meals.
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