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Author Baric, D., Anic, P., Toncic, M., Macias Bedoya, A.
Title Exploring visitors’ desired benefits in Paklenica National Park, Croatia: Development, validation and management implications of measurement instrument Type
Year 2016 Publication (up) Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas – ABSTRACT BOOK Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 8 - Proceedings Issue Pages 328-330
Keywords MMV8
Abstract In recent decades, a number investigations that addressed visitors desired benefits in protected areas have attracted considerable attention from various research teams (Ballantine & Eagles 1994, Pierskalla et al. 2004, Weber & Anderson 2010). Despite the differences in methodological approaches and the statistical techniques employed, the key findings revealed that the desire to enjoy and admire nature, learning about cultural and natural features, escaping and solitude, social affiliation and personal achievement were considered as the most important benefit sought to bring visitors to protected areas. The main purpose of this study was to develop a simple and cost-effective measurement instrument to monitor visitors desired benefits in Paklenica National Park in Croatia. Precisely we used a literature-driven approach to test the relevancy of five hypothesized benefit dimensions, composed of eighteen recreational experience items, on the general visitor sample. These were: Enjoy nature, Novelty and learning, Socializing, Escape and solitude and Personal achievement.
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