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Author Milentijevic, N., Valjarevic, A., Vukoicic, D., Cimbaljevic, M.
Title GIS Technology and Spatial Analysis of Geo-cultural heritage in the Municipality of Prokuplje (Serbia) Type
Year (up) 2016 Publication Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas – ABSTRACT BOOK Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 8 - Proceedings Issue Pages 111-112
Keywords MMV8
Abstract The idea to protect the geo-cultural heritage of Serbia dates its institutional beginnings in the 1950s. In the middle of nineties, start systematic valorization of cultural heritage and Natural objects. The special place of conservation and geo-cultural protection belongs to the municipality of Prokuplje. The municipality of Prokuplje situated in the south region of Central Serbia, surrounding by mountains of Jastrebac, Radan and part of Kopaonik. Populations, manufacturing capacity and communications are concentrated in the valley of Toplica (in the town of Prokuplje), but mountain hinterland still lost demographic potential. These are the main reasons of not enough affirmation in the area of a municipality. The surface area of the municipality of Prokuplje is 759 km², which is only 0,8 % of the total area of Serbia. In this paper were marked most important geo-sites (epigeny of river Toplica, pseudo-cave Pasjacko kale) and objects of cultural heritage (Church St. Prokopije, Latin Church, and the medieval upper town Hameum). With using GIS technology we determined the dispersion of cultural objects on the territory of the municipality. The special view can be in creating virtual web map of geo-space. The analysed results represent a quality basis for data storage in digital form which in significance and more detailed touristic valorization of the geo-cultural potentials of the municipality in the future period.
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