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Author Karacsonyi, J.; Karacsonyi, Z.,
Title Solutions for a new challenge in the field of visitor flows: paragliding and nature protection Type
Year 2008 Publication Management for Protection and Sustainable Development Abbreviated Journal
Volume (down) MMV 4 - Proceedings Issue Pages 490-490
Keywords MMV4, Paragliding, visitor flows, harmonization efforts, stakeholders’ workshop
Abstract One segment of the increasing number of visitors of nature areas are the visitors with sporting purpose. Among these the technical sports have essentially different characteristics. The relationship between exercisers of technical sports and nature, landscape involves the possibility of a non-harmonic relation and notrarely the fact of that. We delineate the characteristics of the paragliding sport its practice and its relationship with nature, landscape by examining the Hungarian situation. We review the status of the paragliding sport, the increasing number of sportsman and the paragliding clubs. We introduce the decisive authorisation procedures of paragliding (Civil Aviation Authority of Hungary, nature conservation) and its adaptation and problems. Presentation of the outcome of the workshop organized with the presence of the concerned parties (paragliders, national parks, aviation authorities) which was set up to formulate and negotiate the interest and opinion of the actors. It was the first time that a workshop gave the opportunity for the reconciliation, harmonization of the two differing demand. Tasks of the near future was formulated for create a long lasting co-operation between the paragliding sport and the demand for protecting the natural values.
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