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Author Keirle, I.,
Title An importance-performance study of visitor opinions concerning access into the countryside of Ceredigion Type
Year 2008 Publication Management for Protection and Sustainable Development Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 4 - Proceedings Issue Pages 252-255
Keywords MMV4, Access, Importance-Performance Analysis, infrastructure, service quality
Abstract It is important that countryside resource managers gain a full understanding of visitor needs and develop suitable facilities and infrastructure to respond to them. Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) is a simple and effective technique that can be used to identify those attributes of a product or service that visitors consider to be important and to gain responses on how these attributes are performing. This study based in the county of Ceredigion in Wales, used IPA to find the relationship between importance and performance for a range of attributes relating to the management of access into the countryside, covering the areas of infrastructure, information and product acceptability. The results indicated that attributes relating to infrastructure such as signposting and stiles were not performing to visitor expectations and issues relating to dog mess caused visitors the greatest concern. When sub-divided by user type the results showed a clear segregation as to what different user types considered important and their perception of performance.
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