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Author English, D.B.K.; Kocis, S.M.; Zarnoch, S.J.,
Title Characteristics and Use Patterns of Visitors to Dispersed Areas of Urban National Forests Type
Year 2004 Publication Policies, Methods and Tools for Visitor Management Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 2 - Proceedings Issue Pages 179-184
Keywords MMV2, Urban forests, use patterns, visitor perceptions, crowding, visitor characteristics, demographics, wilderness
Abstract (up) Public recreation areas near large urban centers are experiencing increasing pressure from visitation, especially in undeveloped and wildland areas that are close to expanding population centers. Understanding the use patterns, characteristics, and perceptions of recreation visitors is critical to managing these areas for maximum sustainable benefits. Of the over 120 National Forests in the United States, eighteen have been officially designated as ‘Urban’, because of their proximity to large metropolitan areas. Sixteen of these forests have designated Wilderness areas within them. This paper examines the recreation visitors to the undeveloped portions of those National Forests. Key market segments of visitors are identified with respect to demographics, residence, annual use frequency, and visit duration. In addition, visitor perceptions of crowding and safety and their relationship with visitation levels are examined.
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