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Author (up) Haider, W.; Anderson, C.; Beardmore, B.; Anderson, D.A.,
Title Recreational Trail Use of Residents in Jasper National Park, Canada Type
Year 2004 Publication Policies, Methods and Tools for Visitor Management Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 2 - Proceedings Issue Pages 85-92
Keywords MMV2
Abstract This paper reports the results of a survey of recreation activities by the residents of the town of Jasper in Jasper National Park on the eastern slope of the Rockies in Canada. During the summer, residents enjoy hiking, jogging, mountain biking and horseback riding. In order to better understand the importance of trail attributes, the attitude towards encounter levels, and the possible acceptance of trail management options, a discrete choice experiment was administered in a mail survey. We identified three distinct user groups based on activity patterns, and these three groups differed significantly in their responses to most attributes in the discrete choice model. In the discussion we elaborate how the results of a discrete choice experiment can be used to simulate the affects of various management options on the three user groups. Simulating the likely recreation behaviour by the residents of Jasper produces insights for both visitor management and wildlife management.
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