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Author Högmander, J.; Leivo, A.,
Title General Principles for Sustainable Nature Tourism in Protected Areas Administrated by Metsähallitus, Finland Type
Year 2004 Publication Policies, Methods and Tools for Visitor Management Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 2 - Proceedings Issue Pages 336-338
Keywords MMV2
Abstract Metsähallitus is a state owned enterprise which has the responsibility for about 27 % of the Finnish land areas. The Natural Heritage Services of Metsähallitus is the administrator of 34 national parks, 17 strict nature reserves, 12 wilderness areas and over 400 nature reserves. Totally, the area of the protected areas, wilderness areas and other areas with high values for nature conservation and recreation, administrated by the Metsähallitus, covers almost four million hectares. As a part of the work to contribute to sustainable tourism in protected areas, wilderness areas and the areas yet to be protected, administrated by Metsähallitus in Finland, nine principles have been developed. Nine principles of sustainable nature tourism are to be implemented in 2004 and they have been prepared paying attention to the character of these areas and the roles of the various actors, i.e. Metsähallitus, private entrepreneurs having their business there and all the stakeholders which are active within or close to these areas. The nine principles for sustainable nature tourism are as follows: 1) Nature values are preserved and the activities promote nature protection, 2) Minimum loading of the environment is assured, 3) Local culture and heritage are respected, 4) Customers’ appreciation and knowledge of nature are promoted, 5) Customers’ opportunities to find recreation in nature are enhanced, 6) Customers’ mental and physical wellbeing are reinforced, 7) Positive impacts are made on local economy and employment, 8) Communication and marketing are of high standard and carried out with a sense of responsibility and 9) Activities are planned and implemented in co-operation.
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