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Author Drexler, D.; Bihunová, M.; Mariotti, B.,
Title Comparison of Forest Recreation and Nature Tourism in Hungary, Italy and Slovakia Based on the First Outputs of the COST E33 Action Type
Year 2006 Publication Exploring the Nature of Management Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 3 - Proceedings Issue Pages 219-222
Keywords MMV3, COST E33, forest recreation, nature tourism, regional comparison
Abstract Tourism Carrying Capacity determines as to what extent the influx of tourists may be allowed to manage the sustainable eco-tourism in a protected area. The concept of tourism carrying capacity is easy to perceive in theory, but in actual practice it is very difficult to quantify. Tourism carrying capacity is rarely estimated. Van Vihar is a unique combination of safari and zoological park. Its legal status is national park. White tiger and albino Sloth Bear are the main attraction to the tourists. In the winter season migratory water birds take refuge. It is situated at the bank of Upper Lake of Bhoj Wetland, The Ramsar Site; Wetlands of International Importance, in the Central Indian. More than 35 thousand tourists visit Van Vihar annually. The three levels of tourism carrying capacities i.e. physical carrying capacity, real carrying capacity, and effective carrying capacity were estimated and compared. Implications on management of eco-tourism were discussed.
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