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Author (up) Muhar, A.; Schauppenlehner, T.; Brandenburg, C.,
Title Trends in Alpine Tourism: The Mountaineers’ Perspective and Consequences for Tourism Strategies Type
Year 2006 Publication Exploring the Nature of Management Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 3 - Proceedings Issue Pages 23-27
Keywords MMV3, Alpinism, summer tourism, mountaineering, hiking, climbing, user survey, use trends, demands
Abstract Mountaineers are a core group in Alpine tourism, their demands and expectations are an es-sential foundation for every tourism development strategy. This paper is based the authors’ surveys and other studies from the Alpine region. The image of mountain sports in the media (extreme climbing, paragliding, canyoning etc.) does not reflect the actual use patterns, as hiking is still by far the most important activity. Mountaineers are a very conservative group, usually well educated and of higher income. They perform this activity frequently and are generally satisfied with the current situation, thus sceptical towards any changes and man-agement measures. Mountaineers accept lower comfort levels, e.g. in huts, as compared to their everyday life as part of a back-to-the-roots experience. If tourism development strategies want to attract new user groups, they need to comply with the demands of this core group.
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