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Author Stastna, P.,
Title The Current Problems with the Historical Existence of Chalets in the Core Zone of the Krkonose Mts. National Park, Czech Republic Type
Year 2006 Publication Exploring the Nature of Management Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 3 - Proceedings Issue Pages (down) 478-480
Keywords MMV3, Core zone, conflict, mountain chalets, nature protection, farming period
Call Number ILEN @ m.sokopp @ 861 Serial 2553
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Author Stastna, P., Pacak, J., Kala, L., Nejedly, O.
Title First Experience with Automated Counting System in the Krkonose Mts. National Park Type
Year 2016 Publication Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas – ABSTRACT BOOK Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 8 - Proceedings Issue Pages (down) 286-287
Keywords MMV8
Abstract The Krkonoše Mts. (Giant Mts.) are situated on the north border of the Czech Republic. Even the mountains are not too high (the highest top called Snezka Mt. isonly 1603 m a. s. l.) the locality forms a first barrier in the south and eastdirectionfrom sea for the prevailing winds.The climate there is therefore very oceanic, characterizedby humid and foggy weather,rich in precipitations. In the winter is the surface of protuberant objects in upper parts is often covered by thick layer of ice because of the humid winds.We have started counting with automated counters at 27 localities since the year 2012. 22 of themhas been situated at the entrances of the most protected area of the national park (the first zone), which is predominantly situated in the upper part of mountains, close or above the tree line.The movement of visitors is regulated there becausethese parts are higly visited. 4 of these counting point has been also combined for counting of cyclists or motor vehicles.
Call Number Serial 3948
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