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Author Melville, S.J.,
Title Visitor Satisfaction Surveys and the Development of Access Standards for National Nature Reserves in England Type
Year 2006 Publication Exploring the Nature of Management Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 3 - Proceedings Issue Pages 64-71
Keywords MMV3, Qualitative monitoring, work planning, access standards, visitor satisfaction
Abstract It is estimated that National Nature Reserves in England receive around 15 million visitors each year, and this number is increasing. Since the mid 1990s English Nature has undertaken a series of visitor satisfaction surveys on a number of the National Nature Reserves in England. The purpose of the initial studies was to establish the visitors’ understanding of National Nature Reserves and what it was that those visitors wanted by way of facilities to improve the experience of their visit. The results of the surveys influenced the development of ‘access standards’ for use in work planning and financial resource allocation across the suite of 160 National Nature Reserves managed by English Nature. Following major investment between 2002-2004, a further round of visitor satisfaction surveys has been completed and this paper discusses the results of these and the implications for future access improvement funding and works.
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Author Melville, S.; Ruohonen, J.,
Title The development of a remote-download system for visitor counting Type
Year 2004 Publication Policies, Methods and Tools for Visitor Management Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 2 - Proceedings Issue Pages 38-44
Keywords MMV2
Abstract Following the first International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas, English Nature identified a need to implement a system of visitor counting on a selection of the 170 National Nature Reserves which it manages across England. A prime requirement of the system was that it should involve a minimal amount of field staff time to harvest the data. Following a competitive tendering exercise, Teknovisiot were appointed as contractors to develop their GSM-based system for use by English Nature. This paper will discuss the requirements identifed by English Nature and how the system was developed in conjunction with Teknovisiot to meet those requirements. It will include a summary of problems encountered and how these were overcome. The presentation will include examples of data provided by the system. It is believed that the system now developed by Teknovisiot on behalf of English Nature would have considerable potential for any site manager who has access to a mobile telephone network on their land and an internet modem in their office.
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