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Author (up) Karácsonyi, Z.; Aradi, C.; Lisztes, L.,
Title From the Beginning Until the World Heritage Title: The Tendencies and Management of Visitor Flows at the Hortobágy National Park Type
Year 2002 Publication Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 1 - Proceedings Issue Pages 421-422
Keywords MMV1
Abstract The Hortobágy was always in the center of interest because of its special natural values and its characteristic landscape. Even since 1973, when the Hortobágy National Park was established (as the first national park in Hungary) the visitor flows has been significant. However, this mainly meant a 1 or 2 days mass visits. The successive management plans paid increased attention to the problems and issues related to the visitor flows and the possible solutions. The developed zoning-system and the management regulations based on this deal with the tourism. The recently built Epona Rider Village and then the private tourism organizations appeared in increasingly large numbers, and require a new management approach. The important developments of the recent years (educational center, museums, demonstrational centers) also had a great influence on visitor flow management. The practice applied in each stage of the development process, their modifications and further developments, which is to meet the requirements of the World Heritage title, will be introduced.
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