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Author (up) Hartje, V.,
Title Funding outdoor recreational opportunities in Germany- conceptual foundations and state of literature and data Type
Year 2021 Publication The 10th MMV Conference: Managing outdoor recreation experiences in the Anthropocene – Resources, markets, innovations Abbreviated Journal
Volume MINA fagrapport Issue Pages 154-155
Keywords MMV10
Abstract A lot of the economic research on the management of visitors in recreational and protected areas focuses on the demand side (what makes visitors tick). It asks how management could relate/ react to the needs, interests, behavior of visitors to make the recreational experience worthwhile for these visitors. This is to a large extent due to the methodological advances in valuing recreational decisions. Comparatively, the amount of research on the supply side of recreational opportunities has been rather small. The standard economic analysis of supply of other (e. g. consumer) goods (in economic terms private goods) focuses on the need to make the necessary resources available for the production of these goods, looks at the cost implications and sees how prices develop to cover these costs and how they fund the supply of these goods. This analysis has been applied to recreation as a recreational production process by Loomis & Walsh in their textbook in 1997. Within this approach, a public supply of recreational opportunities is combined with a household production involving time, money skill equipment to generate visitor use of the area (p.14). I would like to propose a differentiation of their model, by pointing out that outdoor recreational opportunities are not managed jointly as a public supply (as in the National Parks in the USA), but that the major inputs to recreational opportunities (land, landscape qualities, water bodies, access, ancillary infrastructure, information about the opportunities and users knowledge for use) are often provided separately, by different providers and funded by varying sources. This is the case in Germany and it can be observed in other countries as well.
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Author (up) Schägner, P., Maes, J., Paracchini, L., Hartje, V.,
Title Total annual visitor monitoring: A meta-analysis Type
Year 2012 Publication The 6th International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas: Outdoor Recreation in Change – Current Knowledge and Future Challenges Abbreviated Journal NULL
Volume MMV 6 - Proceedings Issue NULL Pages 90-90
Keywords MMV6
Abstract NULL
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