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Author (up) Schagner, J. P.; Spenceley, A.; Engels, B.; Berkkonen, J.; Job, H.; Kajala, L.; Majewski, L.; Metzler, D.; Mayer, M.; Rylance, A.; Scheder, N.; Smith-Christensen, C.; Souza, T. B.; Thomas, C. C.; Woltering, M.,
Title A new guideline: “Visitors count! Guidance for protected areas on the economic analysis of visitation” Type
Year 2021 Publication The 10th MMV Conference: Managing outdoor recreation experiences in the Anthropocene – Resources, markets, innovations Abbreviated Journal
Volume MINA fagrapport Issue Pages 48-49
Keywords MMV10
Abstract This paper introduces a guideline: “Visitors count! Guidance for protected areas on the economic analysis of visitation”[i] published by by German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) and UNESCO. The guideline aims at providing all knowledge needed for measuring economic impacts of tourism in protected areas (PA). The objectives are to provide essential knowledge about:• How to evaluate economic effects of tourism in PAs;• How to do visitor counting;• How to do visitor surveys;• How economic analysis works, and how to do it;• How to best report and communicate findings and• How to use findings for establishing sustainable PA tourism management strategies.The guideline targets PA managers, their respective natural and cultural heritage agencies, practitioners, academia, consultancies, international stakeholders and donor agencies. It is currently translated into a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Within a series of online webinars over several months participants will acquire all relevant knowledge to conduct PA tourism economic impact assessment and a successful final exam will be certified.
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Author (up) Schagner, J.P.; Arnberger, A.; Eagles, P.F.J.; Kajala, L.; Leung, Y.F.; Spenceley, A.; Desguinet, M.; Gosal, A.; Signorello, G.; Engelbauer, M.; Bertsky, B.; Engels, B.
Title Visitors number for protected and nature areas: a global data sharing initiative Type
Year 2018 Publication Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas – ABSTRACT BOOK Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 9 - Proceedings Issue Pages 264-267
Keywords MMV9
Abstract To fill the gap on globally available visitor statistics for nature areas, a group of researchers from around the world including the authors of this paper formed an informal research project. The researchers’ disciplinary backgrounds and interests in visitor data differ broadly. While part of the team originates in the domain of visitor monitoring, some focus on the economic impacts of nature tourism (TAPAS group), others concentrate on the modelling and mapping of cultural ecosystem services using earth observations (FAWKES-project) and again others work on nature conservation and how it may benefit from nature tourism (BIOPAMA.org).
Call Number Serial 4128
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