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Author (up) Dimovic, D., Stefan, A., Ivanic, K.Z,
Title Values and Benefits of Protected Areas as Potential for Sustainable Development Type
Year 2016 Publication Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas – ABSTRACT BOOK Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 8 - Proceedings Issue Pages 7-8
Keywords MMV8
Abstract Demographic change is a challenge for many remote regions in Europe when it comes to the development of long term sustainable development strategies. While large scale investments often suggest new jobs and economic growth, the possible impacts of new regional development projects on natural resources and nature conservation are neglected. As a consequence, the opportunities and threats of regional development as well as the role of nature as a capital for local economies are rarely known. On the one hand the decreasing populations offer more potential for extensive agriculture, wilderness or sustainable tourism arising from additional land-use options and on the other hand the regions are facing the challenges to enhance the attractiveness and economic prosperity. This means that innovative solutions are needed to combine sustainable regional development that builds on the potential of nature conservation and natural resource management within sustainable and resilient local economic. In order to better understand the ecologically sustainable territorial developmentthe Protected Areas Benefit Assessment Tool (PA-BAT) was used to assess the protected areas in the Balkan ecoregion an area with a rich natural and cultural heritage.The PA-BAT is a new tool developed and tested by Equilibrium Research, WWF and partners.It was the biggest ever participatory assessments of protected areas benefits at the regional level, 60 workshops held in protected areas with more than 1,200 participants. This kind of workshops are an effective way of gathering and focusing public input at the early stage of protected area management planning process, but also motivation for their continued involvement in following stages.
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