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Author (up) Gokhelashvili, R.; Azniashvili, L.,
Title Birdwatching and Protected Areas of Georgia Type
Year 2006 Publication Exploring the Nature of Management Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 3 - Proceedings Issue Pages 223-225
Keywords MMV3, Georgia, birdwatching, protected areas, assessment, nature resources management
Call Number ILEN @ m.sokopp @ 681 Serial 2464
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Author (up) Gokhelashvili, R.; Gavashelishvili, A.; Javakhishvili, Z.; Azniashvili, L.,
Title Tourism Infrastructure Planning in Tusheti National Park of Georgia Type
Year 2002 Publication Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas Abbreviated Journal
Volume MMV 1 - Proceedings Issue Pages 74-77
Keywords MMV1
Abstract This paper provides an example of using biodiversity information for tourism infrastructure and management planning in national parks to avoid conflicts between nature conservation, recreational goals, and other users. Within the area of the proposed Tusheti National Park in Georgia, we used field survey data of seventeen focal species within a GIS analytical environment to assess the consistency of planned management categories zoning and administrative and visitor infrastructure (including tourist trails) with biodiversity conservation requirements. A map, comprised of layers for each focal species, was overlaid onto maps of proposed zoning, infrastructure and tourist trails. Numerous conflicts in planning were detected and recommendations were made to improve zoning and infrastructure planning in the national park, and to minimize negative effects of tourism on biodiversity conservation.
Call Number ILEN @ m.sokopp @ 434 Serial 2280
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